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Alaska City Looks to Ban Private Marijuana Clubs

FAIRBANKS — Proposed legislation in Fairbanks would make the city’s first private pot club an illegal facility.

The operators of The Higher Calling, which opened in November, could face a misdemeanor charge and a civil fine of $1,000 per day if the ordinance is approved, The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reported.

Members at the club pay $10 per day or $25 per month to consume marijuana at the facility, which has been licensed by the state of Alaska and the city.

Councilman David Pruhs, who sponsored the ordinance, said stand-alone pot clubs violate state law, which prohibits the use of marijuana in public. However, Pruhs said he supports state-licensed consumption rooms attached to retail marijuana stores, which the state Marijuana Control Board decided to allow this year. [Read more at the Alaska Dispatch News]

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