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Most Utah Residents Support Legalizing Medical Marijuana

More than three out of five Utahns want to see medicinal marijuana legalized in the state, but obstacles and opposition remain as the 2016 Legislature considers making Utah the 24th state to implement such a program.

Gov. Gary Herbert said Thursday he supports the “concept” of medical marijuana and believes it makes sense to most people, but it would have to be done with strict controls on the growth and distribution, and only if its effectiveness were scientifically proved.

“The discussion is now at hand, the time is nigh to see if we can find a pathway forward on this,” Herbert said. “But I’m not interested in having Dr. Feelgood out there saying, ‘Yeah, yeah, que pasa? Here’s your doobie for the day and you’ll feel better.’ ”

A couple of competing medical cannabis bills are being proposed during the upcoming legislative session. [Read more at the Salt Lake Tribune]

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