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Kansas Legislature Debating Legalization of Medical Marijuana Oil

It has been a year since Owen Klug was in front of the Legislature — a year of continued seizures, stemming from epilepsy: the “prison he can’t escape.”

Now 8, Klug repeatedly turned his eyes and head toward his mother, Kiley Klug, on Wednesday as she pleaded with lawmakers yet again to allow her son to try CBD oil.

The marijuana-based oil could offer a potential treatment to individuals like Klug and others who suffer from diseases and conditions that haven’t responded well or been brought fully under control through traditional prescription medications. The oil is low in THC, which produces the high of marijuana use.

At the Senate Corrections and Juvenile Justice Committee, supporters of legislation to legalize the use of CBD oil and lower penalties for first-time marijuana possession made their case. Opponents will speak to lawmakers Thursday.

House Bill 2049 passed the House 81-36 in early May. The bill legalizes and regulates the use and production of medical hemp products, such as CBD oil. And it would allow state government to research industrial hemp.[Read more at the Topeka Capital-Journal]

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