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After 3 Years of Legalization, Washington State Cannabis Sales Are Soaring

As Washington on Sunday marks the third year of legal recreational marijuana, monthly sales have grown from about $3 million to more than $57 million in November.

Nov. 25 – the day before Thanksgiving – was a record day at the state’s 188 recreational pot stores.

That day, some $3.5 million worth of marijuana and marijuana-infused products were sold, according to the state Liquor and Cannabis Board, which tracks sales and tax collections. That’s almost $500,000 more than any previous day’s sales, and about $1 million higher than the daily sales average for the last three months.

Whether that means more people were relaxed for a holiday dinner with family or more out-of-state guests were testing out the novelty of buying legal marijuana isn’t clear.

But pre-holiday sales spikes could be a trend, if that can be established with such a limited span of data. Thanksgiving Eve in 2014 was the first day sales hit $1 million, and it remained the top day for sales until New Year’s Eve. [Read more at the Spokane Spokesman-Review]

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