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September Marijuana Sales Slump Slightly in Colorado

After four consecutive months of growth, medical and recreational cannabis sales in Colorado saw a downturn in September, according to new data released by the state’s Department of Revenue this week.

But is the dip in monthly marijuana sales the result of fewer purchases during an off-season month, or was the system thrown out of whack because of the Sept. 16 pot tax holiday that alleviated some of the sales and excise taxes normally tacked onto cannabis purchases in the state?

It was likely a little bit of both, says State Sen. Pat Steadman, D-Denver.

“Sales volumes do increase a lot in the summer months, so some of what you could be seeing is back to school, people getting on with their lives and finally leaving the summer break behind,” said Steadman. “And some of that could also be the divot from the sales tax holiday.” [Read more at The Cannabist at the Denver Post]

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