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Marijuana Tourism Reaching New Heights – Especially in Colorado

DENVER — Every seat filled, the little tour bus navigates the busy streets of booming Denver, whisking its passengers to a glassblowing demonstration. Or they can choose a painting class. Or a cooking lesson. Or visit a farm.

If this sounds like a comparatively unexciting way to see the Mile High City, look closer. Or, better yet, take a whiff.

This party bus is filled with smoke and happy people, and smells like an art-school dorm. The tattooed glassblower is crafting high-priced bongs and pipes. The cooking class is for gourmands who want to flavor their cuisine with an herb you probably don’t have in your spice rack. The painters’ creativity is whetted by weed. And the farm is the 40,000-square-foot “cultivation facility” of one of Colorado’s top cannabis producers.

It’s the budding next phase of legalized pot: marijuana tourism. And it’s reaching new highs in Colorado. [Read more at The Boston Globe]

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