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New York Finally Releases Proposed Rules For Industrial Hemp

More than a year after passage of a bill legalizing “industrial hemp” research, New York state regulators Wednesday released proposed rules to let Cornell University and other colleges grow non-psychoactive marijuana.

The new rules permitting agricultural research were published in the State Register, the official publication of state government actions. They address everything from how the plant is grown, stored and transported, to possible marketing, advertising and retail sale. A $500 fee is the only cost to colleges wanting to conduct the research.

Hemp is another word for marijuana, and both refer to the Cannabis sativa plant. Hemp can be used as raw material in many different products, but under the standards contained in the new law, it cannot be used as a drug. Any hemp must have a THC concentration of 0.3 percent or less, otherwise it is considered illegal marijuana. THC is the main chemical compound in pot that produces the hallucinogenic high.

“Now that it is real, a number of universities will be looking at this,” Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo (R-Endwell), the law’s sponsor, said Wednesday. She said her office has been in contact with researchers from SUNY, CUNY and other colleges interested in the new law. [Read more at The Saratogian]

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