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Drivers Beware: A New Cannabis Breathalyzer May Be on Its Way

As Oregon legalizes recreational marijuana use, and the Pacific Northwest morphs into the “bud hub” of America, there is a growing level of concern about the thousands of stoned individuals who hop in their cars every day to go pick up yet another package of Double Stuff Oreos.

Marijuana advocates argue that being high behind the wheel is not nearly dangerous as being drunk, to which pot opponents merely answer with “Being under the influence while driving is against the law regardless of what your drug of choice may be.”

This is a good point, because every time we hear a stoner brag about how good of a driver they are we notice that either their fly is open or that they unknowingly have Cheetos wedged in their beard. And while there surely are plenty of people out there who are safe drivers when they are high, anything that alters someone’s sense of time and awareness should never be tied to the operation of machinery.

So as new technological developments emerge in the war on drunk driving, a Canadian company has stepped forth with a weapon designed to put pot partakers behind bars. [Read more at Auto Cheet Sheet]

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