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Advertising and Marketing Marijuana? It’s Harder Than Most People Think

More states are legalizing recreational and medical marijuana, and that means a new industry is emerging. Unfortunately for companies doing business in this industry, it has been difficult to spread the word.

Because cannabis is illegal under federal law, state governments and online advertising platforms are placing strict rules on how companies can market their products. From imagery and pricing information restrictions to television bans, it is nearly impossible for companies to disseminate their message directly to mainstream consumers.

“It affects the way we’re able to interact with our community,” says Jason Barrett, vice president of brand marketing for vaporizer producer VapeWorld. “People [want] to get direct answers on products they want to buy and the ways they want to use them. We have to use language to talk around our topic.”

Barrett says that since his products are primarily intended for marijuana and tobacco use, his website and ads have to use euphemisms and vague language to comply with online advertising regulations. [Read more at MarketWatch]

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