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Would a potential employee lie?

OK, you’ve opened your first dispensary. You toured dozens of locations. This one was too close to a school. That one in a neighborhood that would not attract the clientele you wanted. The certification process is complete. Your suppliers are ready to deliver. Now you need to staff your store. Unless you are hiring your brother and your first cousin, you need a way to investigate the background of potential employees.

You may think you’ve looked into everything you need to uncover about a job candidate. You’ve interviewed them, maybe more than once, they’ve presented themselves well and they fit in with your company’s culture. Just to be extra sure, you call their references, all of whom have glowing reviews about the candidate.

While this may seem like all you need to go ahead and hire them, this may not be an accurate portrayal of the person. At this point you’ve only completed the first step of a background check by gathering information yourself via interviews and information provided by the candidate. This information is used to determine things like:

  • Skills: Is the candidate skilled enough to handle their job duties?
    • Company culture: Would the candidate get along well with other employees?
    • Salary and compensation: Does their salary expectations match what you can provide?
    • Past accomplishments: Does the candidate have enough experience to handle future situations?

Although the candidate may pass your initial interviews, you must keep in mind this is information provided by the candidate, who obviously will have an interest in providing information that portrays them in the best light. Not all candidates will lie, but there is no way to be completely sure without a more thorough search. While you may have a good feeling about a candidate, you may be at risk by relying on your intuition too much.

For example, reference checks, while helpful and necessary, won’t often reveal negative information about the candidate. If the candidate has provided you with these contacts, chances are they specifically chose references that are more likely to provide praise than critique. References reinforce the things you may want to hear about a candidate you already have begun to like.

Consequences of Not Completing a Background Check

  1. Hiring an Unqualified Individual

Imagine or recall a scenario in which you’ve hired a “bad” employee. Perhaps in a large company one bad hire out of thousands of employees will likely not send the company into chaos. However, consider a small business setting of 25 employees or fewer, in which one employee represents a more significant proportion of employees. A bad hire could potentially stop a company’s progress in its tracks. Regardless of the size of the company, a bad hire becomes a setback for the company.

  1. Hiring a Criminal

Workplace violence and theft has increased in recent years and has endangered company finances and other employees. The Justice Department Bureau of Justice Statistics conducted a study from 1993 -2009 indicating that on average more than 572,000 crimes occurred in the workplace every year. Companies are also often victims of employee theft which over time can stunt company growth. The Cannabis industry presents it’s own set of unique vulnerabilities. In addition to the obvious possibility pilfered product, most, if not all transactions are conducted in cash.

This is where the second step of a background check comes in – a thorough database search provided by a consumer reporting agency you to verify the candidate’s identity, criminal history, and credentials. A CRA or background check company has instant access to billions of nationwide records to help you quickly identify any red flags that may have been hidden by the job candidate.

Benefits of Completing a Background Check

  1. Better Insights on Qualifications and Trustworthiness

The benefits of a proper pre-employment screening are many. For starters, you’ll expose white lies about job experience, and necessary licenses and certifications, helping you hire only trustworthy, qualified individuals.

  1. Protect Your Company’s Safety:

The beauty of a data based background check is that it leaves little room for high risk hires to hide. You’ll know right away if the candidate will pose a threat to company’s safety, reputation, or finances, with a thorough criminal history report. You’ll potentially avoid lawsuits for negligent hiring and improve the quality of new hires by relying on better insights.

The bottom line? Don’t forego a detailed background check. If you’re diligent now, you’ll likely save yourself a headache later and keep your company moving forward.

Paul Gerber, in charge of business development, Paul joined A Good Employee’s parent organization, Application Research in 2008 specializing in background screening for the property management industry. Paul was the natural choice to head up the expansion of the employment screening division. With over 40 years of people management experience, Paul served as Vice President and Manager for a large Los Angeles area real estate brokerage firm, and Chief Financial officer for a national mortgage servicer. To speak with Paul’s team of background screening experts, call 866-272-8400.

Paul GerberPaul Gerber

Paul Gerber

Paul Gerber, in charge of business development, Paul joined parent organization of, Application Research in 2008 specializing in background screening for the property management industry. With the expansion of the employment screening division, Paul was the natural choice to head up marketing. With over 40 years of people management experience, Paul served as Vice President and sales manager for a large Los Angeles area real estate developer, and Chief Financial officer for a national mortgage servicing firm.
If you have any questions for Paul He can be reached at 855-361-1667 or by email at [email protected]

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