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Oregon Legislature’s Marijuana Bill Threatened by Dispute Over Local Bans on Sales

SALEM – A legislative deal laying out the future of the legal marijuana market in Oregon was in danger of falling apart Wednesday as the result of yet another dispute about local curbs on retail sales of the drug.

Senate Minority Leader Ted Ferrioli, R-John Day, sent a late-night email to leaders of the legislative marijuana committee saying he couldn’t agree with the deal they reached with city and county association lobbyists on the issue of local control.

Ferrioli, whose eastern Oregon district voted strongly against the marijuana legalization initiative last November, said he wanted to make sure that local governments have the ability to ban medical and recreational marijuana sales in their communities.

That same issue hung up legislators on the House-Senate marijuana committee earlier in the year when they tried to pass a bill dealing with regulation of medical marijuana. [Read more at the Portland Oregonian]

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