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New York Starts Accepting Applications to Distribute Medical Marijuana

The race is on: Companies interested in running medical marijuana operations in New York have until May 29 to submit applications to the state Department of Health.

The DOH began accepting applications on April 27 from those interested in becoming registered organizations to manufacture and dispense medical marijuana under the Compassionate Care Act, with a goal of selecting operators by July.

Just five licenses are expected to be approved for registered organizations, with each permitted to operate up to four dispensing facilities statewide. State officials will limit the program to 20 dispensing facilities initially, with locations expected to geographically dispersed across New York.

Applicants will pay a non-refundable $10,000 application fee upon submission of a detailed plan on their infrastructure and operations; plus a registration fee of $200,000, which will be refunded to those who don’t make the cut. Those that do will be expected to grow, manufacture, distribute and dispense marijuana for medical use. [Read more at the New York Business Journal]

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