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7 Ways To Build A Successful Cannabis Brand That Will Stand The Test of Time

By Alexa Divett

As attitudes and policies continue to shift in favor of medical and recreational marijuana, we will see more and more marijuana businesses entering the marketplace. Inevitably this means an increase in competition and a greater need for you to appeal to your target audience with a clear and concise brand strategy.

Branding is an important cornerstone of any business, and an effective brand strategy will give cannabusiness owners a huge leg up in this increasingly competitive market.

What exactly does “branding” mean? Think of your brand as your guarantee to your customers. Your brand tells them what they can expect to receive from your products and services as well as what makes you different from the competition.

So, how do you build a successful cannabis brand that will stand the test of time?

  1.  Take time to discover what makes you unique and special. Work on creating your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) by figuring out who you are, why you are unique and what you have to offer that is different and better than your competition. From the customer’s perspective your USP is the answer to the question, “why should I buy from you?”
  2.  Define your target audience. Who do you want to target with your branding and messaging? Who is your ideal customer and what exactly are they looking for in your marketplace? Once you can answer these questions you can begin to work on creating a brand identity that will appeal to them.
  3. Avoid the urge to follow the crowd. While a green cross may be useful outside of a dispensary to let the public know that you have medical marijuana for sale, a single pot leaf or green cross as your logo will almost certainly guarantee that you get lost in the crowd. There are a lot of creative ways to use a green cross or pot leaves within your logo, but using them as a stand-alone piece is not a good way to build a unique brand identity.
  4. Hire a professional freelancer or design firm. High quality design will make you stand apart from your competition, and while it may be tempting to cut corners and hire a family member or friend with limited experience who will do work on the cheap, you will absolutely get what you pay for. Remember, if your brand identity looks poorly thought out, your customers will view your product or service in the same way.
  5. Get a great logo and use it everywhere. Work with your designer to create brand standards for your marketing materials so you can use your logo everywhere with consistency.
  6. Include your brand. Your brand should be included in every aspect of your business from your sales greeting to your letterhead to your advertisements. Again, the key here is consistency.
  7. Be authentic. Customers won’t return to you, if you don’t make good on your brand guarantee.

Alexa Divett is the Co-Founder and Marketing Director of Maya Media Collective (, a Portland, Oregon based marketing and design firm that specializes in the Cannabis Industry. Alexa and her team help brands achieve their goals through education, thoughtful design concepts and inventive marketing solutions.










Alexa DivettAlexa Divett

Alexa Divett

Alexa Divett is the founder of Alexa Divett LLC, a business coaching and consulting company helping cannabis business owners achieve success through the implementation of sound business practices and time-tested marketing techniques.

As a successful entrepreneur, longtime marijuana advocate and medical grower, Alexa Divett understands the unique needs of the cannabis industry.

Alexa Divett is also the co-founder of Maya Media Collective, a Portland Oregon based creative firm that specializes in the cannabis industry.

Recently Alexa published Marijuana Millions: The Foundation For Success, which The Weedblog called the best marijuana branding book to date.

Alexa’s products and presentations on marketing and branding cannabis businesses have made her an in-demand and innovative expert in the cannabis business world.

Alexa’s goal is to help entrepreneurs achieve marijuana millions while uplifting the cannabis industry. To learn more about her visit

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