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One Man’s Experiment: I Ate 90 Servings of THC — and Lived

So you wanna get high, eh? Get weird, have the giggles, get the munchies, see what all the excitement is about?

Why not?

Marijuana is straight up legal in Colorado and Washington, and will be in Oregon and Alaska soon. Over the counter legal, just like buying beer or cigarettes or Penthouse. But you knew all that. You don’t live in a box.

Now see, smoking weed, that’s no good. Inhaling smoke. Coughing and hacking. The territory of tatted up rappers and furry hippies with ornate glass pipes named after characters in Phish songs, two demographics too wrapped up in their countercultural conceits to worry about the damage all that sticky, stinky smoke is doing to their lungs.


You could use a vaporizer, cook up the bud or oil just enough that the THC crystals turn to a deliciously earthy haze. But then you need equipment, and have to deal with bags of product and smelly vessels. Not too complicated, but more effort than you really want to exert.

No, what you want to do is get yourself an edible. Eat that shit. [Read more at the The Daily Beast]

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