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New Regulatory Measures Slow as Colorado’s Marijuana Industry Matures

The strides in regulating Colorado’s burgeoning marijuana industry look more like baby steps through the first quarter of the legislative session.

In 2014, legislators took up 31 bills that dealt directly with marijuana. Last year’s session produced a law that authorized a banking services cooperative for pot businesses that big banks won’t serve, and another that created sweeping changes on how potent edible pot products can be and how they are labeled.

But since this year’s session began on Jan. 7, only eight bills dealing specifically with marijuana have been introduced, and two have already been killed in committees. Another was withdrawn for bipartisan work. Though that’s the same number that had been filed at this point a year ago, no one who closely follows the issue expects major moves this session.

Legislators and lobbyists who most often deal with marijuana issues say regulation has hit a plateau that requires more time and data to see which are the real problems and which are conjecture.  [Read more at the Denver Post]

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