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Marijuana Edibles Companies Face Challenge of Child-Proofing Product

DENVER (MainStreet) — When new regulations for packaging edibles went into effect this month, infused-product manufacturer Dixie Elixirs pulled its signature sodas out of dispensaries.

The company has been working on developing a new to comply with the Colorado mandate that all packaging for edibles be child resistant. For beverages, manufacturers also must provide a one-dose measuring cup with the product.

Dixie has spend several hundred thousand dollars developing a package that has the measuring cup integrated into the child-resistant lid, said Joe Hodas, Dixie’s chief marketing officer.

“There are some solutions that would have worked for a non-carbonated beverage, so we went about the process of inventing on,” Hodas said. “They do not make a resealable child-resistant bottle that holds carbonation.” [Read More at Main Street]

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