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Legalization proposal in Missouri lacks typical restrictions

While states that have already legalized recreational marijuana use must follow strict guidelines, Missouri activists want to propose a far different plan.

Mark Pedersen, an author and influential activist, believes marijuana should not take the alcohol and tobacco route when legalizing.

“I believe that cannabis needs to be as legal as corn or wheat,” Pedersen says. “We don’t want to discourage use of cannabis because it is less toxic than baby aspirin. It would be like putting an age limit on corn.”

The proposal from Pedersen and the Kansas City Norml chapter, Petition 2016-008, asks to the DEA to take pot off their Schedule I controlled substance list and that those incarcerated or on parole for convictions only involving marijuana should be released.

The petition also asks that no one be charged with a DUI for testing positive for only marijuana and that there is no age limit for using the drug.

“Cannabinoid metabolites remain in a person’s system for days, even weeks after consumption. Testing positive has no bearing on an individual’s ability to operate a motor vehicle,” according to Pedersen.

Also in the petition, Pedersen asks that medical marijuana be tax-free and that there be no limit to the number of plants a person can grow.

As someone who makes full extract cannabis oil for medical purposes in Colorado, Pedersen says that the high taxes on pot in currently legalized states are simply “to channel revenue into a funnel so a number of people can get wealthy” and that “None of the people we are currently working with out here in Colorado would have access if we didn’t provide it. They cannot afford it.”

This comes at a time there is another proposal already in place, Show-Me Cannabis, which follows the alcohol and tobacco methods of legalization seen in Colorado and Washington.

To make it onto the November 2016 general election ballot, the petition will need 160,00 signatures, or 8 percent of active votes in the state of Missouri.

Rob MeagherRob Meagher

Rob Meagher

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