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Illinois needs “magic beans” to begin medical marijuana program

On the verge of medical marijuana in Illinois, growers have a question: how will they procure seeds to begin growing?

Under federal law, transporting seeds over state lines is illegal. To start, people need the “magic beans” to appear.

“Admittedly, the first seed is not technically a legal seed. There is no way to write this,” State Rep. and author of the medical marijuana act Louis Lang said.

And that is exactly what they did.

“We purposely left the bill silent. It’s either grown illegally in Illinois or brought in inappropriately.”

This, however, is no different than other states.

“We’ve really considered the difficulties other states have faced,” Robert Morgan, the medical cannabis director for the Illinois Department of Health told NBC.

In order to obtain the seeds, the feds must turn a blind eye.

If the state system in place appears strong to the federal government, this should not be a problem.

There will be a very intense process in place for Illinois growers including background checks for all employees, 24 hour-video monitoring of plants, and extremely close tabs on each plant from infancy to birth to the dispensaries.

“From the moment they plant the seeds, we’re going to know where the product is,” Morgan said. “The volume, we’re going to know it the ‘T’ of the actual clone to be able to trace back where that product came from to the sale to the dispensaries and the patients.”

Rob Meagher

Rob Meagher

Rob Meagher, CBE’s Founder, President and Editor-in-Chief is a 30 year veteran of the media world. His career has spanned from stints representing the Washington Post, USA Weekend, Reader’s Digest, Financial World & Corporate Finance to the technology world where he worked at International Data Group and Ziff Davis where he was part of the launch team for The Web Magazine, Yahoo Internet Life, Smart Business and Expedia Travels before starting his own marketing and Publisher’s Representative Firm. He also ran all print and online media sales and marketing for the Society for Human Resource Management before partnering with Forbes and then Fortune to create Special Sections covering a variety of topics. Rob, who started CBE Press in 2014, can be contacted at [email protected]

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